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I’ve been reading a lot interesting posts lately around Test-Driven Development adoption, or the lack thereof, the collective synopsis of which goes something like: TDD is too difficult and cumbersome to gain widespread traction.  It needs to change if it is to get anymore mindshare among developers. Roy Osherove makes a compelling argument that developers […]

Note: This post is written in the style of one of my favorite bloggers, Greg Duncan.  I stumbled across his feed a few years ago, and have rarely been disappointed in any of his posts.  His blog echoes a mantra I’ve been trying to incorporate into my life more, which is to “always be of […]



Hurricane Ike barreled through Galveston and Houston in the early hours of Saturday, 9/13, with maximum sustained winds of 110 mph.  I can say that while my own neighborhood has mostly recovered (power is back on, water is running, and the phones work), there is still a lot of cleanup ahead. I wanted to try […]

Just a quick run through some very interesting items I’ve seen lately in the Silverlight world… Project Rosetta A site for helping Flash designers and developers work in/migrate to Silverlight.  It’s a lot of content focused on UI, design, etc., to which I say “the more the better”.  And, I think it’s great that an […]

Here’s a trick question for the developers out there: What’s wrong with this code? public class SomeClass { public string GiveMeAnObject(object someObject) { return someObject.ToString(); } } The title of this post gives it away, but technically there’s absolutely nothing wrong.  It compiles just fine.  And it runs just fine… as long as it’s given […]

Full Disclosure – This is the third attempt at posting this list, which was originally framed in a way that seriously just did not work.  The list is still the same, but minus it’s original context which, while intended to be opinionated in a humorous way, unfortunately just created a woeful distraction. I’ll admit it.. […]