Silverlight Stuff: Project Rosetta, Silverlight Spy, and Building A Composite Application


Just a quick run through some very interesting items I’ve seen lately in the Silverlight world…

Project Rosetta
A site for helping Flash designers and developers work in/migrate to Silverlight.  It’s a lot of content focused on UI, design, etc., to which I say “the more the better”.  And, I think it’s great that an olive branch has been extended out to the Flash community.

Silverlight Spy
A very, very cool idea… a free ClickOnce application that parses your running Silverlight app, revealing the internals so you can see for yourself how it was put together.  Like the site says, “No more XAML secrets with Silverlight Spy!”   Excellent.  Screenshot below…


Building An Enterprise Composite Silverlight Application
From a former teammate, JP took the current Prism release and started building his own Silverlight composite application implementation.  As he caveats, it’s a work in progress; but one thing to know about JP is that once he gets going on a project, he doesn’t stop until it’s a fully functional, polished deliverable.

I am a huge proponent of Silverlight, and it’s always great to see what the developer community comes up with around the technology.  I think [read: “hope”] Silverlight has the potential to change how websites are built and used.  I’m also of the opinion that most users will eventually want web-delivered functionality along the lines of an RIA, rather than from a series of static HTML pages mixed with a soup of JavaScript.  And (just my own personal goal) I’d like to see a lot of very, very AJAX-heavy sites go the way of the dinosaur and get replaced with Silverlight*.  (Topic for another post, but I am not terribly impressed with sites that leverage AJAX to the hilt.  They always feel, well, “jittery” to me.  …Yahoo Mail, I am looking in your direction).

* I think it would be fantastic if someone out there could come up with a “convert your AJAX website to Silverlight” tool, if such a thing were even possible…

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