Hurricane Ike barreled through Galveston and Houston in the early hours of Saturday, 9/13, with maximum sustained winds of 110 mph.  I can say that while my own neighborhood has mostly recovered (power is back on, water is running, and the phones work), there is still a lot of cleanup ahead.

Hurricane Ike

I wanted to try and write something slightly humorous about my own experiences during and after Ike; however, as I saw more and more devastation (both locally and on the news), nothing was funny anymore.  We were very fortunate not to have had severe damage or injury to deal with, but thousands throughout our area were not so lucky.  A lot of people I know are still coping with no electricity and/or major damage to their home, among other things. 

And aside from the sheer physical destruction that Ike brought, there’s the economic hit that is just really starting to be felt.  (The latest estimates I’ve seen were between $6 to $16 billion in financial impact).  A lot of businesses have been either significantly disrupted or stopped dead in their tracks since last Friday.  Almost nothing in my area was open on Monday, though some places struggled to their feet by Tuesday and Wednesday.  But even today I noticed places that were still closed (mostly due to lack of power). 

Ike was brutal.  I can’t sum it up any clearer than that.

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  1. 1 J.P. Hamilton

    Yeah, it’s Saturday a week later and I still don’t have power. I think I am in the “last” group. I have been working from my Aunt’s since Wednesday. You know how it is? ABC. Always be coding.

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