Silverlight Stuff: Blacklight


Note: This post is written in the style of one of my favorite bloggers, Greg Duncan.  I stumbled across his feed a few years ago, and have rarely been disappointed in any of his posts.  His blog echoes a mantra I’ve been trying to incorporate into my life more, which is to “always be of service”.

Martin Grayson has posted Project Blacklight up on CodePlex to highlight UX (User Experience) technologies.  Currently only in Silverlight Beta 2, others (like AJAX, etc.) are sure to follow.  Quote below leached in full from the site:

“Blacklight is a UX focused code sharing project. Microsoft has released a bunch of technologies that allow designers and developers to work closely together to make beautiful software. This project is a collection of controls, samples, visual assets and ideas that has been put together by User Experience designers and developers to both show you what the technology is capable of (from a UX point of view), and give you code and samples that you can use in your own projects, completely free of charge (see the License tab above). Check out the showcase to see what is currently available…”

The Blacklight Showcase currently has demos for three types of controls in Silverlight: Outer glow Border, Simple Media Player, and Drag Dock Panel.  I don’t know why, but for some reason the drag dock panel samples are the most impressive to me.  I would expect to see more develop in the coming weeks and months.


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