My Goals for 2009


Let me start off by saying that I’m no good at making resolutions for an entire year.  I mean, that’s 365 days that I have stay committed to a list I drafted in about five minutes at the end of the previous year.  The whole process feels so arbitrary and failure-prone…

So I went with a different tactic.  I renamed mine to “goals”, and spent a goodly amount of time on them… in the tens of minutes, at least.  Completely different animal.  And I figure what better way to keep them enforced than to make them public.  So here they are, in order of priority:

  1. Blog more.  I honestly want to do more of this.  I enjoy writing; it’s my second-guessing (both on topics and syntax) that slows me down more than anything else.  I think that’s one of those problems that only gets minimized through continual practice.  I figure I should get myself to an average frequency of one post per week this year.
  2. Do more public speaking.  It’s something I’ve only done a handful of times, and loved every minute.  I’m going to find ways to do more of this.  My goal is five presentations – in whatever forum I can get, I’m not choosy – for the year.
  3. Dive head-first into at least three things I barely know.  Sometimes the only way to learn something… to really learn it… is by doing it.  This could just be by implementing small pilot projects at home, participating in something community-driven, or even something at work.  My target list for now * includes:
    1. Domain Driven Design
    2. Behavior Driven Development
    3. ASP.NET MVC
    4. F#/Functional Programming
  4. Read at least two technical books.  I’ve seriously neglected the whole book-reading thing (in terms of growing my developer skills); staying mostly with material I can find online and in ebooks.  In 2009, I’m going to get some highly recommended real books and take the time to read them.  (However, I’m staying away from technology-specific books; I’m more interested in concepts and methodologies than in new skillsets).

* I reserve the right to capriciously change my head-first list at any time.

It’s a short list for now, but it’s enough to keep me motivated.  Most likely I’ll be editing this as time goes on.

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