I’ve Moved


Not that I had much of a blog to begin with, but I’ve moved it over to WordPress.  The main reason: default, custom layout for the iPhone.  I know that’s shallow, and probably something the other blog services will roll out soon enough; but, for now, it’s enough for me to move and… possibly start blogging again. 

I had a chance to take a look at Rhonda Tipton’s blog, and just by chance noticed that the mobile version was very different from the regular one.  Readability is key for me.  I navigate to many blogs now via Tweetie, so I know what a pain it can be to have to manually resize content for a mobile browser.

This new blog is a work in progress.  I’m thinking about changes in tone and direction (hence the new title).  I’m also thinking about lowering my often self-defeating level of censorship (that absolute main reason why it took me forever to get anything posted).  That doesn’t mean you’ll see foul language here; that’s something I’ve always been opposed to on any public medium.  It just means more opinionated content.


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